What A Life Coach Can Do For You

Life Coaches provides their clients with an outlet to craft and fulfill their ultimate dreams for their life. Find out what millions of people in North America, Japan, Australia and Europe know already. Life Coaches work with you specifically for you.

A life coach steps in to provide many levels of support; acts as a sounding board, works to create action-oriented techniques, and provides thought provoking questions. Growing in popularity and use all over the world, in 2004, according to MarketData Enterprise, there were 25,000 life coaches in the U.S, and in 2005 the amount of coaches grew to 40,000. Canada, Japan, the U.K, and Australia are also growing markets for coaching.

Some of the most successful athletes, CEOs, musical artists in the world have their own life coaches. These coaches are not counselors, therapists, mentors, or consultants. Counselors and therapists focus on your past, mentors and consultants give you their opinion and how you should proceed and offer solutions. A personal coach will bring the solution out of you, and that is a very empowering tool for clients. The ability to talk out the process that will create the desired result or the optimal solution to the challenge their facing will propel them forward at an exciting rate.

Many people who hire a personal trainer are often the most successful at losing weight, staying in shape and eating healthy. When the commitment is made to pay a personal trainer, show up at a specific time to train, and complete the amount of work they require you do you get results. Why? Well for one thing you have vested financial interest in the sessions. Secondly, you are now accountable to another person; you told them you would show up at a particular time to train and you don’t want to disappoint them. Finally, as strange as this may seem, the vast majority of us will do more for others than we will do for ourselves. So when the trainer tells you that you’re going to do fifteen sit-ups and as you get to the fifteenth they tell you, “ok now ten more”, and you push yourself. If you were training alone you would have stopped at ten. Make sense? Now is the time to hire a life coach to push you to your “10” in life, and the help create a “15” to reach for.