The Question Every Life Coach, Teacher, Counselor and Psychotherapist Must be able to Answer

The single most important question for any Life Coach, Teacher, Counselor or Psychotherapist is…”What determines human behavior?” If you cannot answer this question you are simply guessing how to help your clients or students with their emotional state and behavior.

Why is this important? It is important because the subconscious has very little response to a statement but you will always force your subconscious to move in a direction you wish if you ask a question. Now that you understand the effect of a question on the subconscious how much of a difference do you think will be between these two questions…What is the answer to this as opposed to…What is the question that will resolve this problem?If indeed you understand and agree that the subconscious does work on questions when you are not consciously involved what results do you think will be produced from these two questions? The first question is ambiguous and the subconscious will treat it as such. The second question will generate questions that will lead you to a resolution to your problem.

As a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Teacher or Counselor your objective is to guide people through a resolution of their problems. A significant number of these problems if not all will involve a change in the emotional state and behavior of your client. This leads us to the most fundamental question for helping your clients resolve their problem and that is…What determines human behavior? Can you be effective in helping your client without first answering this question? Possibly you can if you are a good at guessing because if you can not answer this question that is all you will be able to do.

Once you have a clear definitive answer to this question you can begin the process of empowering your clients to move toward their goals and making the changes necessary to achieve them.