Should you spend money on PTE Online Coaching?

There are many PTE coaching options available to the students. This now also includes a number of PTE Online coaching options. The article discusses the key questions one must answer before deciding to go for an online coaching program.

PTE – the newest English proficiency exam has quickly become one of the most popular exams especially for people wanting to migrate to Australia. Getting a good score in PTE is a ticket to getting a visa and living the life of your dreams. No doubt you will be doing everything to prepare yourself for this exam. A big question to explore though is:

Should you spend money on PTE Online Coaching?

The English exam preparation market for exams like IELTS is dominated by old style classroom courses run by institutes who promise tips, tricks and shortcuts to help you achieve the score you need. The truth though might be different. Tricks and shortcuts might work in some cases but there is no substitute for rigorous study and dedicated effort.

An attractive alternative to these classroom courses are PTE Online coaching options. They are clearly more transparent – you see the fee upfront on the website, you can pick and choose the course option most suitable for you and you know exactly what you will be getting in return for your money, right down to the extent of teacher contact. There is no doubt that PTE Online coaching is an attractive option for majority of students.

To understand if this is the right option for you read through the following questions and decide for yourself.

1. Are you a busy person?

The classroom classes will expect you to adjust your daily schedule and attend the classes at a fixed time. But a lot of people studying for PTE are working a job or studying at a university or even doing both! For them this becomes a big challenge. They already have to pay for the exam fee and coaching fee. On top of that if you include the time taken off from work, it quickly becomes a significant burden.

PTE Online coaching will give you the option of studying whenever you want. If you wish you can study after work night or day. This is very convenient for people who have to manage work and home at the same time. Not having to run around trying to reach the classroom on time will also help you relax and focus on the studies.

2. Do you prefer learning at your own pace?

You can’t deny the fact that in a classroom everyone is forced to learn the same thing at the same time. Whether or not you are ready to go to the next topic you will have to if the class schedule says so. So, while you might still be trying to understand how to write a summary, but the class will move on to writing essays. This creates unnecessary pressure and a sense of false urgency and anxiety in the students.

PTE Online coaching gives you the option of studying at your own pace. You can watch the same topic as many times as you want till you are confident in it. Knowing that there is no rush helps us learn better. The things we learn this way stay with us for a longer time.

3. Do you wish the course was tailor made for you?

A major limitation of all classroom programs is that they are made once and given the same way to all students. A student who is comfortable with the Speaking section will still be forced to take the Speaking classes and waste time even if he could have benefited from spending the same time on Writing section.

An online coaching option is much better in this regard. You will have access to a content library but you need to spend only as much time as needed on a topic. If you are confident of Speaking you can just practice a few questions and move on. If you need more help with Writing you can spend your precious time practicing Writing more and more.

4. Do you prefer receiving detailed feedback than just general comments?

If you sign up for the right PTE Online Coaching program you will have the option of receiving detailed feedback from expert teachers. The time of a teacher in a classroom program is wasted in just managing the classroom on a day to day basis. However, in the online coaching teachers are free to focus on students and can therefore provide more detailed feedback.

If you are someone who has attempted PTE or IELTS a number of times earlier and failed to so far achieve your desired score you can greatly benefit from the personal feedback option of the online courses. A good online coaching program will give you the opportunity to receive detailed feedback on your language skills and how to improve in the areas where you lag.

5. Is money a consideration?

Let’s face it. Money is a big factor. After paying for the PTE exam fees and other bills spending money on a classroom course is not very easy. Most classroom courses charge a lot! A good PTE Online coaching program on the other hand costs somewhere from one tenth to one fourth of the classroom course.

The online programs also give you access for a longer period of time. So, there is no doubt they are much more cost effective compared to classroom courses.

If your answer to any of these questions is a YES then PTE Online Coaching is a very good option for you. A good online program coupled with your focus and determination will get you the PTE score you need!