Second Annual Group Coaching Megasummit Starts October 27

Crucial but often overlooked techniques to help more people and improve coaching income. Despite its popularity among coaches and clients alike, there is not a tremendous amount of information available about group coaching.

Reston, Virginia, Oct. 21, 2014  Despite its popularity among coaches and clients alike, there is not a tremendous amount of information available about group coaching.“Coaches feel like all they can do is rely on their intuition and what they know about individual coaching to run coaching groups.  It’s a shame, because there are experts out there who have learned through study and experience how to run successful groups.  I decided to interview these experts, to close this communication gap and bring this information to the public for free,” states Gina Hiatt, Ph.D., President of Finish Agent® Inc and the host of the event. After the success of last year’s First Annual Group Coaching Megasummit, Hiatt was encouraged to continue as planned and make the virtual summit a yearly event.  There will be experts teaching about building a virtual service-based business, in addition to the group-coaching experts.  Business-building skills are emphasized because it’s vital to have a growing online coaching business in order to keep coaching groups filled.“This year, I’ve emphasized the concept of growing a community, and the benefits that this has for coaching clients as well as the coach,” Hiatt explained.  “In growing community, coaches can expand their audience internationally, help more people, and offer other levels of service.  I will be interviewing experts how have licensed their programs to other coaches, offered coach certification programs, formed associations, and franchise.”As with last year’s Group Coaching Megasummit, there will be a wide variety of group types represented, including men’s groups, high-end masterminds, weight loss groups, corporate groups, time management groups and many others.  Experts will teach about online solutions, such as how to use to form a group, how to use online strategies to retain clients in a group, and how to use Finish Agent, the online small-group accountability system created by Hiatt.Gina Hiatt hopes that the people who attend the Second Annual Group Coaching Megasummit will be inspired to start their own coaching groups, to be creative and think out of the box in forming the groups, and have more confidence in running their groups.  She believes that more coaching clients can be served at an affordable price point, while getting the results they want, as soon as more coaches offer group coaching.The website for the event is  It runs from October 27 through October 31.  All interviews will be recorded and the recordings will remain available for 48 hours.  After that, all of the 20+ recordings and transcripts will be made available as a VIP Upgrade at $ 97.