Life Coaching, Health, and Success

This process that I am calling emotional recovery coaching hopefully will start you on a journey to achieving more health, success, and prosperity.

Why is change so difficult? There is a dark secret that tries to hold us back from all the success we so earnestly desire.

We are born with the innate ability to overcome any human hardship whether it be social, emotional, mental, physical, or financial. The key has to be discovered on our own personal journey.

 Year after year books are published promising happiness, joy, prosperity, love and health. They just don’t tell us how to do it. Oh, yes, they tell us to think positive or forget about the past. They offer us chants and “powers” and even “secrets”.

Here’s the real secret…As long as your heart or mind or body remembers that negative incident from how ever long ago, your ability to have a healthier life will remain a struggle.

In this article I will show you how my life coaching process will help you have more health, success, and prosperity.

I’ve been a social worker for 37 years. Most of you think you know what a social worker does. My approach has been different.

Listen for a moment to Kirsten L, a current client of mine, explain the impact of life coaching:

“I have been visiting with Gary Eby weekly over the last 8 months. During these visits I have learned numerous skills all of which have been life changing.”

“Gary Is teaching me how to live with my negative side, AKA–the dark secret.”

“Everyone of us has a negative side, but through the ‘Stop and Think’ process I have learned three steps how to control it.”

“I have learned how to handle anger, set healthy boundaries, and how to have better relationships.”

So, when we are triggered by our negative side or that dark secret, try my stop and think process which includes these following steps:

1. Slow down and take deep breaths: Hold the inhale for three seconds and than exhale slowly for six.

2. Say a mantra of your choosing. (Positive self-talk.)

3. Reach out for help to a positive person.

When you can slow down by the stop and think process, you can then make the positive decisions necessary to achieve your hopes, dreams, and goals.