How Business Coaching Can Increase Your Sales

Would she recommend life coaching for other
business owners? Katie is emphatic. “I would tell anyone to go to Eli
Davidson for coaching. She gave me actual steps for success every single
week.” And it goes even further than her career. Katie knows that
“it’s been completely life changing.”

“People used to say to me: ‘You know Katie, not
everything in life is going to be some happy experience.’ Now I say to them:
“Why not?” So says 29 year old Katie Saffert, wedding planner
and owner of ”Inspired Events”, an Orange County-based event planning
company that has skyrocketed to success in less than a year.

With her warm, personal style and phenomenal talent, Katie and her business are
both flourishing. In nine months, she’s gone from having a handful of clients
consisting of friends and coworkers to booking major events with celebrities.
After throwing a huge event for a private Pearl Jam concert, Ms. Saffert
booked a high profile wedding for the daughter of a pro golfer. Out of state
clients are flying her in to plan their events. And the business is poised to
catapult itself once more: starting in January, Inspired Events will be
featured and promoted in Ceremony Magazine, a top publication for the Southern
California Bridal Industry. How did she get so far so fast? According to Katie,
it took a leap of faith, the courage to finally do what she loved, and the help
of life coach and fellow business owner, Eli Davidson.

According to Katie, Eli’s combination of stellar business advice and personal
coaching has transformed her business. “For a long time, I lived my entire
life focused on other people.” says Katie. “That was the major thing
working with Eli. She had me focus on me, what I wanted, and where I wanted to
go without listening to all these other outside influences. It changes your
life completely”.

And Katie had been ready for a change. “I was working at a corporate job
for five years and was absolutely miserable”, she recalls. Her amazing
energy, focus, and commitment to quality were talents benefiting everyone but
herself. She loved planning events at her job, but the limitations within the
corporate structure were hard to ignore. “You don’t get recognition.”
she explains. “It was for someone else to take the credit….and obviously you
have a lot of people above you saying, ‘This is our idea. This is what we want
to do with it.’ “Katie knew she was keeping her own inner hopes in check.”I got
caught up in the corporate world ethic that says: ‘This is what you do when you
get out of college. You get a job, you work 8 to 5. You work up a ladder.”
The fact that she didn’t know where the ladder was going haunted her. “I
felt I was being held back…” she admits, “…and I think it was my
own self holding me back.”

And then on her birthday last year, Katie marched into her office and quit.
(“It was one of the best days of my life”, she
laughs.)  She already knew her dream was to have an event planning
business;   “My mother was an events coordinator.” says
Katie, “She always did the big Junior League charity events and Debutante
balls. Our holidays are more outdone than anything you can imagine. It was
always something I loved”. Fresh out of her cooperate job and only a few
weeks into starting her company; Katie accompanied a friend to young business
women’s luncheon. Fate sat her right next to the guest speaker, Eli Davidson.
Eli’s vivacious energy and business savvy sparked inspiration. When Katie
learned that Davidson was a Business Coach, she decided to follow her heart.
“I thought, well, maybe this is a sign,” says Katie. She joined up
with Eli’s group coaching sessions the very next day.